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Verdejo is a Spanish white grape also known as Botón de Gallo Blanco, Gouveio, Verdeja, Verdeja Blanca, Verdejo Blanco, Verdelho or Verdello depending on its place of cultivation.

It is considered to have originated in Rueda (Valladolid) where the Mozarabic are supposed to taken it from northern Africa in the eleventh century. It is also cultivated in parts of Avila, Segovia, the Canary Islands and some other Spanish regions. Outside Spain it can be found in Australia and Portugal.

The bunches are rather small, with small to medium, spherical or elliptical yellow grapes. It is generally used as varietal wines which are very aromatic, with good body, good acidity and a bit bitter.

Traditionally, wine alcohol is added for dessert wines, but nowadays there is also a tendency to consume it as a young wine. The resulting wines are flecked with a golden color, complex aromas and fruity flavors.

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